Ladies Guilty Pleasures Security "Snack" Tee

Ladies Guilty Pleasures Security "Snack" Tee
Ladies soft style 100% cotton (pre-shrunk) side seam construction with stylish tapered cut. Feminine 1/2" rib knit collar. (SHADES OF RED MAY VARY)
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Price: $20.00 (16.26)

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  • Author: Rue Stahl
    I love the way you write and other writers who write the way you do. It's almost like you're a third person in the book watching everything take place in front of you, when I read your books.
    Thank you for writing this way as these are the only kind of books I can read. If I read a book it has to grab me from the first page/chapter.
  • Author: Mei Mei Barrett
    Seriously? U are my Hero. The day I accidentally came across ur bk, in Middle school was..... Let's just say that I hounded my book store and gave them my contact info so that they could have things shipped to my as they became available on my little bit of rock. They love me at our bookstores, because you're awesome. If you quit, I. Will. Hunt. You. DOWN ;*
  • Author: Mary Forrest
    You're books are my escape from reality and I have enjoyed every one of them.
    Thank you
  • Author: Angelika Bauer
    I recently bought all Anita and Merry books and I love them. They are my escape from reality and hopefully your fantasy will go on for many Anita and Merry books to come......
  • Author: laynie seligman
    My house mate had all of your books and lent them to me to read. Could not put them down. Read the whole Anita Blake series one after another. The same for Merry. I can not wait for another book in either series. Maybe you would consider coming up to Montreal for a book signing. That would be awesome!!!
  • Author: Donna Giles
    I LOVE Anita and Merry, as well as their cast of characters. They provide me with an escape from reality!! Just finished reading "Kiss the Dead" and it was GREAT (no surprise there...LOL) Always a great read :) Thanks for all your hard work!!! I TRULY APPRECIATE YOU and your AWESOME imagination :) :)
  • Author: Kim Lesneski
    I am a single mom of three I have one in the Marines, one in college, and one trying to play his music. And i take care of my handicap brother and I have a full time job. So with all of that and just the stress of life in general. You're books are my escape from reality and I need that so much when I read them I just lose my self in the book. I am caught up with you on Anita, and Merry but I just start over and read them all over again.I enjoying every one of them. I cant thank you enough for your writings and what it means to my mind and soul. Thank you so much.
  • Author: B. Raymond
    A lot of times your fantasy worlds get me through my own real life. Thank you very much. Love Anita and Merry and all their men!
  • Author: NIcole Graham
    I have been a long time fan of Merry and Anita. I feel as though I have been best friends with Anita for a very long time and have watched her evolve and grow as a person and I have absolutely loved every minute of it! Thank you for doing what you do. You are one of the best and my personal favorite!
  • Author: Rose Rogers
    It was AWESOME meeting you at the book signing in Dallas last year! Hoping you'll hit us on the book tour again soon!
  • Author: Tammy L Burns
    I love the worlds that you have built. I have invited many friends through the years to visit and they love them as much as I do. I think that it's time to revisit the past with book 1 and see just how much everyone has evolved. Thank you!
  • Author: Thea Forbes
    The first time I stuck my nose in one your your book, it was on display in my middle school library. I tore through the book like I was possessed. When I finished it, I asked our school library to stock the rest of your books. Little did I know, there was a reason they didn't stock them ahaha I'm a college freshman now and I have been reading your books since I was 15. You definitely nurtured my love for vampires and created a world I have escaped to time after time. Your books were my first love affair. I hope to meet you one day at one of your book signings. Au revoir.
  • Author: Enchantee Lewis
    I came across your book at one of my favorite little shops and I fell in love with Anita, her ruthlessness and her love and the fact that I could relate to her.I love your books ,you are absolutely one of my favorite and one of the best writers out there.Your characters are almost tangible, you inspire me.
  • Author: April R.
    I love your stories! Every book I have read has grabbed me from the start! The Stories are not so predictable as so may are. The life of Merry is so different---yet it is so easy to buy into the life, love and adventure of it all. I cannot wait for the next book! Love your style of writing----keep writing!

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