New Blog – Know What You’re Voting For, Read the Fine Print

First, let me urge all of you to vote tomorrow. Second, be sure what you’re actually voting for and on. There are going to be a lot of amendments tomorrow on ballots across the country, and the short description allowed … Continue reading

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New Blog – Happily Ever After is the Beginning

Twenty, our daughter Trinity is twenty today. There’s something about this birthday that seems momentous to both her and me. She’s no longer a teenager. Yes, she’s been a legal adult for two years, but somehow neither she, nor I, … Continue reading

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New Blog – The Four of Us

We’re getting ready for Halloween and have just finished carving pumpkins. Our foursome is complete and under one roof, Genevieve and Spike have moved in with us! We are forming a household together. One of the interesting things that’s been … Continue reading

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