A Twisted Ankle, a Bum Knee, and Dancing All Night

Mar 28 , 2014
Why do I exercise? How do I stay motivated to do it? Those have been some of your favorite questions for me lately. Why do I exercise? That’s an easy one, because to begin [...]
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My Ass, and Bare Faced Beauty

Mar 24 , 2014
I posted this picture on twitter. I was pleased that I could tell the gym work was paying off, so I posted. I figure if those of us with curves don’t post, as well, that too [...]
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Ten things I’ve learned from Two Marriages and a Decade of being Polyamorous

Mar 08 , 2014
1 Do not date drama llamas. Do not date people that are prone to drama, just don’t. No one is that pretty, no sex is that good – no drama queens, or kings. [...]
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Post Book Blues, or I finished my novel, now what?

Feb 07 , 2014
Restless as hell. Don’t want to watch anymore TV, movies, even the great book I’m reading is just irritating. If we have anymore sex we’re both going to have [...]
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George R. R. Martin is a Steely-Eyed Hard Ass, or I’m a Wimp

Jan 29 , 2014
George R. R. Martin seems to kill characters willy-nilly and seems not to suffer overly much from those deaths, or if he does then he is a masochist of highest order, because I [...]
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Real life is not a Romantic Comedy, but it is Romantic

Jan 14 , 2014
During breakfast I watched the last bit of “You’ve Got Mail,” with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. I’ve never seen the movie, but my husband, Jon, had. He wanted [...]
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Happy Return of the Sun, remember God/s/Goddess/es Love Us!

Dec 25 , 2013
It was supposed to be a celebration of the return of the sun, the rebirth of the light, to help us get past the gloom of the longest night of the year, which is Winter Solstice. [...]
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Shutdown Press Release

Oct 23 , 2013
New press release about my newest e-short story Shutdown. You guys downloaded it over 30,000 in the first day! Thank you, so happy I could share it with you! NEW YORK, Oct. 21, [...]
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A present from me to you, because our government is behaving badly

Oct 08 , 2013
This story is for all my readers who have been impacted by the current political SNAFU – and for anyone else who might need to enjoy a free story in these difficult times. [...]
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Dancing with the Muse & The Devil’s Panties!

Sep 17 , 2013
30 pages for the day in three sessions of 12, 13, & 5. Still not completely out of this section of plot. Was hoping to finish before bed, but I give, need dinner, but the [...]
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