Real life is not a Romantic Comedy, but it is Romantic

Jan 14 , 2014
During breakfast I watched the last bit of “You’ve Got Mail,” with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. I’ve never seen the movie, but my husband, Jon, had. He wanted [...]
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Happy Return of the Sun, remember God/s/Goddess/es Love Us!

Dec 25 , 2013
It was supposed to be a celebration of the return of the sun, the rebirth of the light, to help us get past the gloom of the longest night of the year, which is Winter Solstice. [...]
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Shutdown Press Release

Oct 23 , 2013
New press release about my newest e-short story Shutdown. You guys downloaded it over 30,000 in the first day! Thank you, so happy I could share it with you! NEW YORK, Oct. 21, [...]
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A present from me to you, because our government is behaving badly

Oct 08 , 2013
This story is for all my readers who have been impacted by the current political SNAFU – and for anyone else who might need to enjoy a free story in these difficult times. [...]
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Dancing with the Muse & The Devil’s Panties!

Sep 17 , 2013
30 pages for the day in three sessions of 12, 13, & 5. Still not completely out of this section of plot. Was hoping to finish before bed, but I give, need dinner, but the [...]
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Don’t Feed the Trolls

Sep 06 , 2013
I’ve been getting two new questions online, the last few days – One how did people get my brand new Anita Blake novelette, Dancing, early? Two why are they giving it [...]
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The Announcement at Dragon Con 2013

Sep 04 , 2013
Sorry that you couldn’t all be at DragonCon to hear my special announcement. It would have been awesome if everyone that had wanted to be there had been able to, but I hope [...]
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Dragon Con 2013 Schedule

Aug 27 , 2013
Here is Laurell’s Schedule for Dragon Con this year. Title: An Hour with Laurell K. Hamilton Time: Fri 02:30 pm Location: Peachtree Ballroom A-F – Westin (Length: 1) [...]
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Merry, Merry, quite contrary

Jul 03 , 2013
Yesterday was an amazing day – day one on sale for AFFLICTION – but today I get to share some more excitement! I get to answer one of your most asked questions. Will I [...]
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Why I’m not Touring for Affliction

Jul 02 , 2013
It’s the 20th Anniversary for Anita Blake and I’m not touring. I’d planned on it, but what I hadn’t planned on was getting sick for about three months. It [...]
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