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New Blog – FaerieCon East 2014, After Action Report

First, thanks for everyone being so welcoming at our very first FaerieCon. You East coast fey are a very friendly lot. The vendors area was full of more wings than I’ve ever seen anywhere. Got some more great jewelry at … Continue reading

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JASON Virtual Signing!

While Laurell doesn’t have any bookstore events planned for the release of JASON, she is signing copies of the book in advance of the release date and the books will be shipped to arrive by the release date, December 2, … Continue reading

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New Blog – Know What You’re Voting For, Read the Fine Print

First, let me urge all of you to vote tomorrow. Second, be sure what you’re actually voting for and on. There are going to be a lot of amendments tomorrow on ballots across the country, and the short description allowed … Continue reading

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