What Feeds Your Muse?

May 18 , 2014
People ask, what inspires me, well nature inspires me. My short story, “Geese”, came from me walking out my door years ago and seeing Canadian geese settling down for [...]
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A SHIVER OF LIGHT Book Tour Events

May 10 , 2014
Monday, June 2—Los Angeles 7:00 PM Barnes & Noble Bella Terra 7881 Edinger Ave. Huntington Beach, CA 92647 Laurell will answer questions from the audience and after will [...]
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How do I do it all?

May 07 , 2014
I’ve gone through every picture that was in the boxes in the guest room. Decades of pictures. Some made me sad like ones from my first marriage where it’s obvious [...]
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What’s Next for Anita Blake?

May 04 , 2014
One of my goals for this year was to work happier, so I gave myself permission to write anything I wanted, and that was great for awhile. I’ve made some notes and even [...]
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New Year’s Resolutions and Working Happier

Apr 14 , 2014
You know those New Year’s resolutions that we all make, but never keep? Well, I made one to read some of the books on my to-be-read pile. I started with Outliers by Malcolm [...]
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A Twisted Ankle, a Bum Knee, and Dancing All Night

Mar 28 , 2014
Why do I exercise? How do I stay motivated to do it? Those have been some of your favorite questions for me lately. Why do I exercise? That’s an easy one, because to begin [...]
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My Ass, and Bare Faced Beauty

Mar 24 , 2014
I posted this picture on twitter. I was pleased that I could tell the gym work was paying off, so I posted. I figure if those of us with curves don’t post, as well, that too [...]
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Ten things I’ve learned from Two Marriages and a Decade of being Polyamorous

Mar 08 , 2014
1 Do not date drama llamas. Do not date people that are prone to drama, just don’t. No one is that pretty, no sex is that good – no drama queens, or kings. [...]
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Post Book Blues, or I finished my novel, now what?

Feb 07 , 2014
Restless as hell. Don’t want to watch anymore TV, movies, even the great book I’m reading is just irritating. If we have anymore sex we’re both going to have [...]
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George R. R. Martin is a Steely-Eyed Hard Ass, or I’m a Wimp

Jan 29 , 2014
George R. R. Martin seems to kill characters willy-nilly and seems not to suffer overly much from those deaths, or if he does then he is a masochist of highest order, because I [...]
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