Happy 4th of July!

Jul 04 , 2015
 Today is a national holiday here in America, we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence and becoming an independent country, though declaring ourselves so [...]
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Jul 01 , 2015
Triggers, trigger warnings, have been in the news a lot lately. Talk of trying to keep everyone safe in college lectures, panels at science fiction conventions, news items even, [...]
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Father’s Day 2015

Jun 21 , 2015
​The photo with this blog is of my husband, Jonathon, and our daughter, Trinity. Sometimes I forget how very small she was when I divorced and was suddenly dating again. [...]
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Zombie Day! 

Jun 18 , 2015
​It’s zombie day! No, it’s not a new book, it’s the first day after tour. It was great seeing all of you across the country for the Dead Ice Tour! You guys let [...]
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Dead Ice: Anita Blake

Jun 07 , 2015
This is the last blog before Dead Ice hits the shelves here in America, you lucky fans in the U.K. already have your copy, but on this side of the pond we’re still waiting [...]
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Dead Ice: Nathaniel

Jun 04 , 2015
Dead Ice: Nathaniel We’ve only got two blogs to go until Dead Ice hits the shelves on June 9th here in the United States, but in UK today was your day to get Dead Ice; no [...]
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Dead Ice: Micah

May 30 , 2015
Micah blog: Micah Callahan came on stage mid-way through the current books, almost literally half-way at book #10 Narcissus in Chains. The book was a game changer in a lot of ways [...]
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Dead Ice: Nicky

May 27 , 2015
Dead Ice: Nicky   We’re only two weeks away from Dead Ice’s publication. This blog will be the first one that doesn’t have a graphic novel image to go with [...]
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We are Built upon the Bones of the Dead

May 24 , 2015
All of us are built upon the bones of the dead. The experiences of loss are part of what make us who we are. We talk about survivors, but if the tragedy is large enough, painful [...]
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Dead Ice: Zerbrowski 

May 21 , 2015
Here’s the next blog in the series leading up to Dead Ice. I thought I’d leave the leading men behind and go to one of my favorite supporting characters, [...]
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