Love, Hate, Security, and the Writer

Aug 28 , 2015
I’m on the plane flying from England to America. We’ve been gone for a month. It is the longest I have ever been away from home, except for the infamous tour for [...]
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A few of my favorite things . . . from Ireland and England

Aug 22 , 2015
A month long trip to Ireland and England and the most asked question since we returned to family and friends in the states is this: What was your favorite part? I’ve [...]
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Going, going, gone . . . at the end of August!

Aug 16 , 2015
    Sign out front of the British Libarary commerating the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.   Totally seperate from the British [...]
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Signing at Forbidden Planet and Nine Worlds: GeekFest! London this weekend.

Aug 06 , 2015
   Hello England, so far you have fed us an incredible dinner, confused us completely on hotel rooms several times, shown us the treasures of ages past, the resting [...]
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Ireland Here We Come!

Aug 04 , 2015
Blog – Irish trip & research I wrote this blog before we left for research, but security issues being what they are, I’m going to be posting some of the blogs out [...]
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London Here I Come!

Jul 31 , 2015
My first signing in England will be August 7, at Forbidden Planet in London from 1700-1900. See you all there!      I will also be appearing at Nine Worlds on [...]
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Fear of Flying

Jul 26 , 2015
I loved to fly on airplanes until I was on a flight that experienced wind sheer, or something like it in the middle of a flight coming back from Mexico. One minute, the nice [...]
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A Dog always Breaks your Heart, at least once

Jul 18 , 2015
I’m sitting in the sunshine on our patio listening to our water garden sing down the stones, with our pug, Sasquatch in my lap. He’s been my office dog since he was [...]
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Angels, Demons, and the Writer

Jul 13 , 2015
The hardest thing about writing is that you are alone with your personal demons. Now let’s define terms; when I say demons, I mean personal issues so large, so painful, so [...]
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Happy 4th of July!

Jul 04 , 2015
 Today is a national holiday here in America, we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence and becoming an independent country, though declaring ourselves so [...]
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