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New Blog – The Next two Anita Blake novels & questions answered at DragonCon

DragonCon is in Atlanta this Labor Day weekend, as usual. Also, as usual, I’m going to be there on panels, doing signings, and enjoying the con. My first panel is: An Hour With Laurell K. Hamilton Time: Fri 02:30 pm … Continue reading

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New Blog – Did Technology Kill the Muse?

The picture with this blog is from our recent vacation. Look closely and you’ll see the hummingbird hovering near my hands. The bird was so enamored of the flowers that it brushed my hands and wrists in it’s boldness. Jon … Continue reading

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New Blog – Show, don’t Tell

Writers are always being told – show, don’t tell. That’s great advice, but what the heck does it mean? It took me years to figure it out as a beginning writer, but once I did it became a filter I … Continue reading

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