Why I’m not Touring for Affliction

It’s the 20th Anniversary for Anita Blake and I’m not touring. I’d planned on it, but what I hadn’t planned on was getting sick for about three months. It started with my doctor thinking it would be a simple fix, and then that I needed a certain kind of medical specialist, but that wasn’t it. After two and a half months of crippling pain and other unpleasant symptoms that kept me pretty much either on the couch, or in bed, just trying to doze through it all, finally found the right medical specialist. One thing I learned from all this is that every doctor has their bias and are more likely to diagnose in certain areas, as opposed to other areas, and if its not in their area than you, as a patient, must be more proactive. It would take me far too long to finally say, enough, and help figure out what medical specialty I needed. But in a way it’s a crap shoot, they test scatter shot and hope they hit it, which is pretty frightening to realize, actually. The right doctor, at the right moment, with the right information, is a true life saver.
When we had to make plans to tour I was still very ill, and didn’t know what was wrong with me, so my publisher and I made the only decision we could. I’m better, and I thought well, maybe we can take a late event, or two, after the book comes out. Then I caught a cold virus, and had multiple migraines in a week, and realized I’d experienced this before, about a decade ago before I started allergy shots. I’ve missed three months of allergy shots. They won’t give them to you if you’re sick, because allergens are hard for your body to deal with, or you wouldn’t be allergic to them. The allergy doctors worry about making symptoms of any sickness worse, so I’m behind on my allergy meds. I’d forgotten how terrible my allergies were before the shots, but I’m remembering. A half hour outside in the woods equaled two hours of being sick once I got home, but with the shots I can go hiking again. The severity of my allergies is actually one of the factors that made me decide not to pursue my masters, and eventual goal of doctorate, in biology. Just think, if allergies hadn’t worsened exponentially in college I might not have been a writer, at all. I certainly wouldn’t have the career that I have, and we wouldn’t be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Anita Blake.

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  1. Denise Z says:

    I am so sorry you have been ill. I am sending good thoughts your way <3 Tour or no tour – my reader will be downloading this 20th anniversary treat at midnight and looking forward to the fun. Thank you for all your sharing of your talents with these wonderful series.

  2. Tiffany says:

    I have no idea what sort of sickness that you have been diagnosed with but I can feel your pain. 6 years ago I found a lump and the doctors trumped it up to something menial. I pushed and pushed for them to take it out. Once they did they found it was in fact cancer. That’s when I found your books. I was laid up and bored from surgeries and chemo. Since the cancer I’ve been also diagnosed with fibro and also have something wrong with the vessels of my brain but they are treating the symptoms without knowing exactly what is wrong. I get headaches quite often but they never stop me from reading your work. I find the anita series to be soothing and its a world I can escape into when my own is crumbling. Thank you for all your hard work and brilliant words.

  3. I believe there are no coincidences, the journey happens as it is supposed to. If universe had meant for you to be a biologist, you would have been one. I for one am grateful that you became or unleashed the writer in you!! How you feel about it is the most important thing!! Namaste!

  4. Sheila James says:

    I don’t want to sound cruel but I’m kinda glad your allergies are so bad. I don’t know what my life would be life without you, Anita, or the menagerie of men. I love you all and am grateful for you all.

  5. Kelly Cookston's says:

    I hope you feel better soon Ms Hamilton. I would love for you to your and come to Michigan it would be an honor to meet you. I understand headaches/Migraines very well. I have suffered with them for many years and I’m a Nanny! But your health comes first you will never lose me as a fan. I discovered your books 4 years ago and I own them all and look forward to each one! Just please don’t ever kill Edward, I really like him! My family comes from West Plains so we have Missouri and Vampires in common! Your fan. Kelly Cookston

  6. Anna Rose says:

    I’m glad that you seem to have found a doctor who knows what’s going on with you and can help you to recover.

    I had the opportunity to see you during your last book tour, and that’ll keep me settled until the time comes that you’re able to do another one, with whatever book it’s for. :)

  7. DanishWolf says:

    I guess everything happens for a reason. Your allergies brought you out of a different path, but look at where you are now. 20 years of Anita Blake books, a lot of experiences you’d never get otherwise.. and most of all, the family you got now. Would you ever have met Jon otherwise? Many of your friends as well.

    Now, it’s sad that you have to suffer so much from sickness and allergy lately. Hopefully that can be helped soon, and you’ll be up on the horse again so to speak. What is one book tour to all the (hopefully) future ones. Unfortunately it colided with the anniversary, but I’m sure your fans will prefer you healthy and maybe meeting you at another time than you showing up sick.

    A good health to you, and happy anniversary. Use it to have extra fun with your family and friends instead. Celebrate with them. Your books is why you have met some of them, I’m sure :)

  8. Chantal Piche says:

    Well Laurell, I’m sure I’ll be echoed by many others… your health comes first lady!
    Don’t you worry about us – we are loyal and will remain so. Although I’ve never been to a book signing – being Canadian, it’s kinda hard to find my way down your way – I can sympathize with allergies. I was one of the lucky children to be allergic to nothing but penicillan… at first. Since I moved to British Columbia I’ve become allergic to a whole gambit of things – especially moulds and dust.
    I can’t imagine what you go through as I have ‘enough’ of my own.
    So – do what you need to do to feel better. Being there for john, trinity and your sister will be much more rewarding in the long run… especially if you’re healthy. We can wait. Truly.
    Thank-you for all your hard work and wonderful stories. They have helped me get through a lot of things both as an escape and as a fun perspective.
    Take care.

  9. Dnth8Cait says:

    We love you anyways! Stay home with your family!!!! there will be more book tours! :P

  10. Alexia Harris says:

    I wanted to be the first to respond to this, or as close as I could, because I hoped that way you would be sure to see it. I know how you feel about the allergies; mine are pretty bad, too. But I’m scared of needles, so I don’t get the shots. Ha, I bet Anita would see that all full reason to march myself in and get them. I’m sad to see that you won’t be touring; I keep crossing my fingers that you’ll come to Louisville some day, but you certainly made the right choice in putting your health first. I hope you get to feeling 100% soon (I hear puppy cuddles help) <3

    Anyway, I missed the blog where you asked us to tell you what we thought about the books and characters. And I wanted you to know how much it helped me. I've always been independent, don't my own thing regardless of what society thinks is right, though sometimes I struggled to get there. One of the things I am is poly, by nature. I say by nature because I'm in a monogamous relationship right now, my partner can't handle being poly, and I don't think I can't live without her, she's my bliss. We're very happy :] But reading your books, seeing Anita struggle and eventually find that being with multiple people just does it for her, made the experience I had somehow seem validated. That this character who I relate to strongly struggled with the same feelings I had (granted, mine was not quite so forecfully thrust upon me lol) made me feel less unusual. I'd really like to thank you for writing that aspect of the storyline, among the many others that I enjoy.

    P.S. Edward, Nathaniel, Cherry, and Requiem are my favorites. Cookie Monster was definitely towards the top of the list before he became an alpha male jerk. I still mourn the loss of such a playfully alternative guy in Anita's life.

  11. Nicole says:

    As sorry as I am not to be able to stand in line to see you again and have another of my precious collection books signed during one of your tours to the west coast, your health is of the utmost. Thank you for all of the exciting adventures of Anita and her men. Looking forward to the next installment already. Take care Laurell.

  12. Joan Blackhall says:

    I’d say things worked out for the best then!!

  13. bev says:

    you are doing right. Take care of yourself first and foremost.

  14. alice says:

    I would rather you be well and happy than touring and exhausted. You deserve a break. Some of your fans will be disappointed, but they can pull up their big person pants and realize it is your life!

  15. Captn Awsome says:

    Hello Mrs Hamilton
    Sry to hear you have been under the weather lately but I’m glad to hear they finally got you well again. I have been reading your books from the start and love them. I hate how twilight has ruined the image vampires do Not SPARKLE lol. Thank you for staying true to ur self and the genre and making sure there will always be books for mature adults. Anita is the most sexy ass kicking heroine I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading and I will continue to remain a loyal fan as long as you care to share her story with us. Reguarding which character is my favorite I have to say Edward hands down. I love how he is a sociopath and yet you always know Death has Anita’s back when the shit hits the fan. His character development was superbly done and I only wish you would include him in more of the books. Thank you again for the wonderful adventure you have taken me on your books helped me through some of my darkest hours cancer, family tradegy, and also through more pleasant times. Looking forward to affliction tomorrow and many sleepless nights in the future.

  16. krickitat says:

    As a massage therapist I run into the doctor problem all the time.of course I recognize that I have my own bias but more often then not I find myself providing important information to people that their doctors just let slip by. or correcting misdiagnoses. I don’t try to pretend I am better then a doctor, But I recently had a client whos doctor had convinced her she had cancer, $3000 of tests later,
    MRI’s, and catscans she came to me out of desperation for the pain and I popper the rib in 30 minutes and no more pain. You would think that was rare, it’s not. To me that sounds like a bum deal. Get better LKH, for yourself and your family and maybe sometimes for the fans ^_^

  17. Allan Barr says:

    I thought that might be the case when repeated web searches failed to find any events. I had hoped you might have a local event there in St Louis anyway. Taking care of yourself is more important however. Hopping for another 20 years of entertainment from you so keep writing. I drove from Kansas City to St Louis for your previous Anita book release. It was well worth the 125 mile drive each way. Others had traveled greater distances. Please post if you plan any such events in the future. My favorite of your stories is neither Anita nor Merry though I like both, but the short story “Can He Bake a Cherry Pie”

  18. LannetteLedouxLe says:

    I am sorry foe you feeling sick. I know the feeling. I have been sick fot about the same time. Get better.

  19. Jax says:

    You take care of you. We will enjoy the new book far more knowing you are at home getting better. And thank you for making an important statement: we all need to be our own advocates. Always get a second opinion or more and never take your health for granted. I spent 5 years with my rheumatologist insisting I only had fibromyalgia. He missed the 7 herniated spinal disks and degenerative spinal disease that has now left me crippled. Trust your doctors but realize they are human and can make mistakes too. YOU will always be your best advocate. ((Hugs)) Feel better soon and thx for being awesome ;)

  20. Laurell –
    Well that just figures. I find your Anita Blake series and fall in love with it and you’re not touring. ;)
    Your health is more important. Reading this series has helped me accept, cope with, and move forward in some things about myself and in my life. Its just so nice to know someone else out there is messed up, moody, and crazy. But is still worth loving. Even if she is a fictional character.
    As an author, reading your novels gives me hope that being dark won’t turn off potential readers.
    All in all – Im glad you found the right doctor, that your health is improving (wishing you could just be unconscious when you’re body refuses to give you a break always sucks), and Happy 20th Anita!!!

  21. Deirdre Puchala says:

    Hi Laurell,

    I have allergies and am lucky that mine are not that severe. I can understand why you are not touring for this book. I am a huge fan of your books and my only problem with Affliction being released today is that I start work at 7 am and can not be waiting outside the bookstore for it to open. Once I am done work, I will be there with bells on.

    Your blogs make me feel like we would be friends if we lived close enough to one another (I am in Canada). I am so happy you have written the Anita Blake and the Merry Gentry series. You pioneered a genre for us readers. How amazing is that???

    Feel better…enjoy your dogs… be amazing and I love your new photo with the boots. I am sorry that you have been sick and want you to get over what is making you feel horrible. I enjoy your blogs and photos of the dogs. Your books have a place of honour on my bookshelf.

    Thank you,

  22. Robin L. Maguire says:

    Understandable. Be well.

  23. Alejandro says:

    Hope you fell better!

  24. Ginny Lynn says:

    I’m glad you’re doing better. I sympathize about doctors as I was misdiagnosed for five years. Ill never forget the doctor on her knees apologizing to me in the recovery room after my first surgery. Even my migraines where categorized wrong. It’s your body and you know when something is wrong. Keep pushing and I’m sending positive vibes your way. Take care of yourself.

  25. Melody says:

    Allergies are a real illness. I spent years blowing through boxes of kleenex and boxes of sinus headache meds. Last year, I finally had sinus surgery and started allergy shots. I’m so much better than I was….but – I helped my daughter clean a house this weekend (read: first rental house aka dump) and have spent 2 days sneezing, blowing, and remembering how miserable I was for a very long time. Living in the Ozarks is wonderful, unless you find every single growing thing here to be a possible cause of your demise. My head still hurts as I write this, and my coffee hasn’t helped yet…

  26. Lori Parker says:

    Please get to feeling better. In the meantime, see if your darling computer genius will add a “Like”, “Share”, and “Twitter” button to each blog page for your fans to be able to pass along your news on our favorite forms of media. I’d go curl up with a penguin, if I were you!

  27. amber says:

    I hope you feel better hun. Im halfway through your book. Im so happy to say that I love it. Im only 25 so I havent been a fan of yours that long but since I was introduced to it last year I feel like ive been apart if the 20 yrs of anita blake. Thank you for sharing your genius with the workd. Take care of yourself!

  28. Gina says:

    Health and taking care of yourself first is the most important thing you can do. So you focus on that while we all enjoy the latest gift you have given us. I do hope to meet you in person sometime in the future. I love the worlds you created for Anita and Merry both! Thank you for sharing such amazing worlds with amazing characters!!

  29. Mel says:

    Feel better, no worries on touring!

    I saw a lot of people post about their favorite characters. Mine are Jean-Claude (more please), Edward and Richard… I am pretty tired of Micah and Nathanial (especially him), which I guess is too bad since Afflication is about Micah :) but I’m sure it will be an interesting read!

    Thanks for writing!

  30. Kim Jennings says:

    I am sorry you are still sick I hope you start to feel better soon. I was sick for so long before they figured out I had celiac sprue disease since going gluten free I am a lot better. I hope your problem is just as easy to get over. I have my copy of Affliction and can’t wait to read it for now its on my ipad at some point I want a hard copy. But with grand kids ages 2,3,4 they would be destroyed.
    You asked once when we started reading and I for got to answer my daughter in law started me on the books I read out of order and started on the fifth book then started at the beginning. I was hooked I love your books and have read all of them and have almost all of them in hard copy. Again I hope you are feeling better soon .

  31. Wendy Ramone says:

    I hope that you get better. I have been dealing with my own health issues for 13 months now. I know what you mean about doctors; we live in the same state so trust me I completely understand. My primary is sending me to the 7th neurologist. My gut feeling is that it will be another waste of time and is probably the wrong specialist that I need. Right now you need to take care of you! Hugs from South County ~ Wendy

  32. Tiff says:

    What an amazing installation to the Anita canon! Loved listening!

  33. Lisa M says:

    I also found your books while I was recovering from an illness and they kept me company while nursing my mom through multiple illnesses, until her recent passing. One thing I learned from my experience was that if I took her through the ER, rather than one of her specialists, the ER docs, tested for EVERYTHING. They basically started from scratch. I’m not advocating running to the ER first, but this is what I observed. Thanks for keeping me sane through the insanity of this past year!

  34. Lynn Clifton says:

    when you do tour, please put oklahoma city on your date book. would love to have you autograph all of my collection of anita books..

  35. Christine Houser says:

    I am glad you are better, I follow you on facebook and have kept up on your illness. I have my copy of Affliction and I am sitting down right now to read it. But My question is will there be more Anita Blake? I am hooked and I hope that there will be more for her. I think she kicks Sookie Stackhouse’s ass 10x over. Please say there is a future for Anita. Thank you for everything you do.

  36. Sandra Renner says:

    I would rather have you healthy and happy at home than on the road making yourself miserable. I love your books and am very grateful every time you produce another. Twenty years of Anita is an enormous achievement. Congratulations!!!!! Thank you for sharing so much with all of your fans

  37. Audrey says:

    I hope you’re feeling better. I, too, feel part of the “Anita” books, presently reading #17, The Harelquin. Truly enjoying every one. A friend turned me on to you about 6 months ago and I’ve devoured them. Thrilled to know this wonderfulness comes from a “Show Me State” sister! You do us proud!

  38. Heath says:

    I hope you feel better soon.
    About 1/4 through Affliction and I’m very pleased so far.
    The politics of the new council have been frustrating but “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown” I suppose.

    As my dad would put it, “rub some dirt on it!” I guess that might not be the best solution to allergy based afflictions :)


  39. Keri Compton says:

    20 years wow. I remember when I first picked up an Anita book I think I was 14 or 15. I read it in one sitting and then I was bugging the librarian about the author and when the next book was coming out. Those were the days before internet and the library got catalogs of the new books the were announced. I have always said that Laurel Hamilton opened a new genre of writing and inspire many people in different ways. Ms. Hamilton I am probably one of many fans to say this but thank you for writing. Thank you for creating such wonderful characters and stories.
    Please focus on your health please get better.

  40. Steph says:

    Your books have helped me get through a lot of pain and illness; most of all, the allergies I still struggle with. (I’ve found that acupuncture helps!) Thanks for always being there. I look forward to more of Merry! Get well soon.

  41. JJ Jones says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been sick. I actually had the pleasure to meet you at the Romance Writers Convention in Daytona Bch, FL in 2004 (?). I also suffer from migraines and understand the pain they cause. I had one that lasted for 11days.. Ugh! I’m glad you’re better and glad to hear about the new Merry Gentry book. You, ma’am are my FAVORITE author. Thank you for being chosen to transport us to a different world with your words. JJ Jones

  42. Linda Phipps says:

    Laurell, You are an amazing woman. We, your fans will be here. So take care of yourself and get better. I don’t think any of us are going anywhere. And I can’t wait for my copy of Affliction, and to see what amazing plans you have for Merry. Take care!

  43. Ulli Pohlig says:

    I wanted you to know I resolved my asthma after many years by going on a raw food diet. Also reversed my diabetes and high cholesterol. Not proselytizing just hope you eat as clean and close to the ground as you can to help further your journey toward better health. I’m primarily raw vegan at this point. Wishing you much success with Affliction I’ve always loved your writing and how lush/tactile it is.

  44. Craftydia says:

    There is so little that is known or understood regarding chronic illness the least of which is the diagnosis process that the sufferer has to struggle through to find wellness again. http://shackledspirit.blogspot.com/ is my blog that thoroughly explores and discusses this topic. I am fortunate to have found a press willing to be patient with someone who has a continued chronic condition and find it sad that there are wonderfully talented authors out there who do not get the same consideration.

  45. PAm Howee says:

    well – I think you should take care of YOU – there’s always 25th anniversary – etc.
    your fans understand and want you WELL
    I myself had an issue – I went to the dr several times – I went to ER – basically passed out & woke up 2 days later – seems I have congestive heart failure

  46. Russell Calkins says:

    This is why they are still called ‘Practicing’ Physicians!! I am glad you are feeling better and pray the goddess keeps you well!

  47. Christine L. says:

    I’m glad you finally found the right doctor and diagnosis and are getting back to regular life. We’ll miss you, but as a long time fan, I vote for a healthy, happy Laurell. Blessings!

  48. Erica Fikes says:

    I am so sad that you have not been well, and really happy that you are (i hope) getting better. I can understand the fear that you and your family went thu, as I ended up in the hospital just last, and scared the beans out of my family :/

    Here’s to you getting back on track, and taking it slow so you stay better. Blessings to Jon and Trinity, and everyone else who helps out <3

  49. Cate Adlam says:

    I know the feeling of migraines and of being sick with Doctors standing around scratching head, I hope it all works out for you, I am starting on a glutten free, organic diet and buying a Kagan water filter, tired of being sick. I wish you well and pray that your do not fall ill again, love your books.

  50. Damietta says:

    Hmmm…..in view of the whole sick as a dog thing…maybe you shouldn’t have named the book “Affliction”?
    Not saying there’s an actual CONNECTION, but on the other hand………
    I’ve been reading your books since shortly before Bloody Bones. Thank you for years of wonderful reading. Who knew that there were books as wonderful as fudge!

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