December Audio Book Winner

Congratulations to Deanna Russell from Tucson, AZ. She won the December Audio Book Contest. The question that month was “How do you feel that Anita Blake has evolved over the years?”  Deanna said that Anita has gotten stronger in that she now has an open mind and heart. It’s no longer about her against the bad guys. She has friends and allies to help her. While she may have wanted the white picket fence dream with Richard, she realized it wasn’t for her. Instead, she has a home full of love and support that in Guilty Pleasures she never would have accepted.”

Even though this was the last audio book contest, Laurell would like to once again thank you all for the support that she has received from you over the years.

May 2013 bring nothing but good tidings for you all!

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33 Responses to December Audio Book Winner

  1. Bret says:

    It must beintentional. The endins of your work suck. JJust because to hit 300 pages doesnt mean you should quicklyend the4 book/.

    • Rebecca says:

      I don’t think Laurell has EVER allowed a page number to end her books! What a dumb and mean thing to say! I think I (and her readers) are spoiled because her books used to be like THREE (3) books in one. When they are shorter, I want more. Well, Boo Hoo. Incubus Dreams was over 700 pages! Danse Macabre was over 500 pages! I could go on, but I have some of her books in electronic form. So STFU!

  2. Charles Bishop says:

    I’m glad to see less porn and more of a story.

  3. HHarole says:

    I think all of your writings have been fantastic with the mix of love sceness and story keep them coming and I can’t wait for the next book.

  4. SarahAnn says:

    Hello, you used to write great, but the last few posts have been kinda boring

  5. jIMELLE says:


  6. Lisa says:

    The first time I read “Guilty Pleasures,” I found it deliciously mysterious with a gratifying but surprising plot. “Guilty Pleasures” stood out because of its awesome storytelling, atypical plot, and atypical characters.
    Although, I love the character development in “Micah,” lately it’s been really about Anita’s harem and Anita’s superpowers. I’m ready to go back to the story telling days of “Guilty Pleasures” and “Obsidian Butterfly” where it was fun reading about Anita solving mysteries.
    I’m anticipating “Afflictions “and can’t to read it. I expect LKH to write on par or even better than “Guilty Pleasures,” “Micah,” and “Obsidian Butterfly.”

  7. Lauren says:

    I love both series although i found out about merry first i can relate myself to Anita more. i love all of the characters even if Richard is a jerk most of the time. i cant wait for affliction!!!

  8. Niqu says:

    Totally off subject but I think Jenna Tatum would make an amazing Anita if you could get it to tv

  9. Sam says:

    Hi Sherry totally off topic but how do i contact someone about the store? I bought a couple of jumpers last week and have be been unable to access the store from the website for the last couple of days?? Sorry to write about it here but couldn’t find any other way to contact someone. Thanks

  10. Karen says:

    I love both the Anita Blake and Meridith Gentry series and am always aniticapiting the new releases but I have to agree with Jimelle and say that it seems like forever that I’ve been waiting for the next Meridith book! When can I look for it or is it even in the works?

  11. Kim N says:

    YAY!!!! **jumping for joy* Finally more of my Frost and Doyle. Just sad we have to wait so looonnnggg….but at least we get more. :)

  12. M Vensell says:

    I zipped through every book of the Anita Blake series, as they are the sort of “who-done-it” page turners that leaves me unable to put the book(tablet) down until the last page is read. Add the supernatural twist and I was hooked. My first book was a hardcover Blood Noir on sale at the airport for a mere $4.95! It was a business trip and I was left exhausted in the morning because I was in the firm grip of the book the first night I cracked it open until nearly the dawn. Then I discovered that it was book 16! I did the only thing I could. I ordered the rest on tablet. I admit I love the premise: vampires, weres, and zombies, oh my! (And so much more). I was sympathetic to Anita’s internal struggle. By book 6, I was wondering how much longer she could persecute herself; and be angry, argumentative, contrary, and unwilling to accept the blessings she had. I was growing weary of her struggle and stubbornness. I also noticed that every character has the same dialogue pattern no matter where they were from regionally in the story. To “hear” the same distinct speech pattern in all the characters was troubling for me. I am no prude but the love scenes became too repetitive and dominant in the stories. I resorted to speed reading and skipping some of the repetitive love and argument scenes, as the dialogue and action had become predictable. I became angry at Anita for being so stubborn and closed, and was thus ready to leave her.
    I had pre-ordered Affliction. What is this? A happy Anita?! Surely it won’t last the entire book. But…she is happy. There were a couple of frightening moments when I thought she would revert to old Anita, but no. I did not notice the character dialogue patterns that were a deterring distraction. No really OVERdrawn love scenes. She is still badass – a happy badass. Edward is getting married? Wow! Anita said yes to marriage – OH MY STARS! I don’t need rainbows and roses, but 20 odd books of grumpy face is difficult. I would not have made it so far if the story lines surrounding Anita were not so interesting. They are provocative story lines…always introducing new Badies and the development of new powers. I am now genuinely looking forward to what comes next.

  13. Kathryn Bludnick says:

    Love, love,love the Anita Blake series. Cannot wait for the next one….

  14. liezel says:

    Hi there

    i LOOOOOVVVEEE your books and LOOOOVVVE anita and all the characters.for some reason i always envision myself in the story and you tell the story so good that i can physically see all the characters in front of me, I’m soooo In love with Juan claude and all the lovers. I am not bi sexual not even a little bit but the way you describe what she’s feeling or seeing makes me want to get into the action.

    Thanx so much for the wonderful stories i hope to read many more. i have now read all but affliction awaiting it now.

    Luv ya

  15. Erica Canizales says:

    Omgosh I am sooo behind! I can’t remember the last time I read an Anita Blake series let alone a book. I miss her and must say no book has ever compared to yours. I am now going to restart from the begining of the series and work my way to the most recent one.

  16. Sherry says:

    I just finished the Affliction book and it was the best book in a long time. I not into bondage that was a little strange. But i understand when you have to be strong all the time it feel good to have someone else be in charge. I really like the “Nicky” because he really do understand that side of Anita that she does not have to explain her action. I also like that she is finally being appreciated for her skills and less men are afraid afraid of her . It was also nice to see another women who is willing to learn what she does to get the job done. I am sorry but I must have miss Jade charther. I really did not read Bullet, Firt beause it was just sex and the was not substance in those book. But i see i need to read them because i am missin some story lines. But Affliction was a good read not just about the sex. I have a question how is that commitment ceremony going to work. What abourt Damian he is Anita vampire servant? I alway feel Micah is alway getting left out.

  17. Marcy says:

    I love all your Anita Blake books, the stories are awesome! Please don’t change a thing about them. I love the action, the story lines and yes the sex scenes too…I love how you keep each character alive…cant wait for the next one…may have to read them all again! Patiently wait for more Anita and friends…and yes…those sex scenes too!

  18. Steve Millhollen says:

    Hi, I am a long haul truck driver and have become hooked with both Ms. Hamilton’s series about Anita Blake and Meredith Gentry. So far I have only been able to find some of Ms. Hamilton’s early Anita Blake books, the newest being “Bullet”. I know that there have been many other audio books published since then and I am looking forward to hearing them as they come to the different Truck Stops that I visit.
    I have something to add, if Ms. Hamilton has not already included them in her newer books. How about adding Were Animals from the America’s that were so sacred to the Native Americans, such as the three Bear Groups, The White Bear (Polar) The Brown Bear (Grizzly) and the Black Bear, the three Cat Groups, Mountain Lion (Puma) The Panther Group and the big Cat of Central and South America the Jaguar and the three wolf groups of the America, the White Wolf (Artic Wolf) The Grey Wolf (Mountain or Prairie Wolf) and the Red Wolf (Mexican Wolf) as well as the most veracious North American animal the Wolverine. All of these groups could be both good and bad in Anita’s battle with the European Vampires.
    Thank you.

  19. Candy Miracle S. says:

    My wife introduced me to the Anita Series years ago, I read the first couple of chapters of the first book and couldn’t get hooked. We broke up almost 2 years ago now and I was having a very hard time about leaving my old life behind with my two teen girls. I picked up the book again and haven’t put them down. It’s been a saving grace. I am always hooked on a hott badass brunette chick, half Mexican to boot! Anita’s angry ways and self deprecating humor does it for me. We could have been good friends. I even gained a sex life after all these years with your book, and then I tried a real live man in the mean time. I love your sex scenes since its my type of thing (Anne Rice’s ”Sleeping Beauty Trilogy”) men have become more exciting to me now thanks to you. I’m sad to be finished very soon on the Anita series but I plan on picking up your Gentry series as soon as it happens.
    Thanks again for my sanity and a little ‘happy’ down there.
    Take Care of yourself and your crew
    Be Light
    Candy Miracle S.

    • Candy Miracle S. says:

      P.S. Since I’m native to Albuquerque, NM I wanted to say thanks for coming down here.. Your perception was interesting and exciting.. Thank you for our Obsidian Butterfly among our real life shapeshifters from Navajo legend you really are not far off..

    • Sherry says:

      Well Candy better late than never, we all have our reading Ms. Hamilton books moments Like you I went through a difficult period in my life and reading her books made really decide what type of man I wanted in my life. I found a Micah and the love scenes add to the fun. I ready for a little Merry in my life and some darkness and frost. Smile

    • Sherry says:

      Well Candy better late than never, we all have our reading Ms. Hamilton books moments Like you I went through a difficult period in my life and reading her books made really decide what type of man I wanted in my life.

  20. vicky says:

    I have spent this last year reading and rereading the Anita Blake series its one of the best series I have ever

  21. elena mendoza says:

    i realize that all writers want honest opinons about the books but having said that can any of you naysayers write a book let alone one with more in depth plots and people? i couldnt i stand in awe of those who can. laurell is the best out there other than showalter, and let me tell you since i have found her i cant stop reading her books all of them, so untill you can write like her dont hate, just sit back and enjoy the ride its all about the journey not the porn as it was put in one blog ,its so not

  22. Shawn says:

    Just want to say a couple things:
    1st and most important a huge thank you to Ms.Hamilton, your writing and ability to connect to your fans and characters are gifts I can only envy and appreciate that you joyfully share the emotional roller coaster you/Anita/Merry endure and embrace. What a ride! Though I haven’t been able to immerse myself as sucessfully in the Gentry series, Anita fires my imagination and always has me panting for more. Your ability to continue to grow Anita emotionally and meta-physically (to the point of nearly being over-powered, nearly..) yet maintain so much vulnerability in a character exemplifies your skills.
    2nd to the fans uncomfortable with the sexuality and “supposed” ubiquity in the Vampire Hunter series- IMO your discomfort is more telling of your own psyche than a fault of the is only as bad or dirty as the emotional intent of those involved. Stop projecting. Anita gains 1/2 her power from sex, and most of the rest from her abilities with the undead, and it’s the sex(?) ppl have issues with???

    • Sherry says:

      I agree with the winner comments, Ms. Hamilton books enriches my life and world. I love all he works. I say keep writing and I will keep buying. She is the best write in her style. I not good at words so just remember She loves what she doing and so does her fans.

  23. Naomi says:

    I have been reading these books for the last 9 years and am looking forward to the next book following Affliction. I preordered that one and finished it within a week…didn’t want to put it down. I was impressed with the action and adventure compared to previous books and have to say that even though the love and sex scenes were great in the previous books, they were getting to be a bit much and started taking over the whole book. I’m glad to see the slight veer in the road. Can’t wait to see what’s next!!

  24. Robert Moore says:

    I have to say that I’ve loved the way Anita has progressed through the series. From what seems a shy necromancer to a full blown I’ve come into my full power, I’ve got the family I really wanted and I’m not takin’ any crap from anybody ever. My concern is that, as awesome as Anita is, she seems to be becoming too much of a cop. I understand she has a lot going on in her life, but you never see her doing simple stuff like doing her job (even though that’s where she was at the beginning of Affliction). I love the Princesses Meredith series as well. What makes Anita more popular than Merry?

  25. Anna Hosste says:

    Laurell K. Hamilton, You are so amazing! I love reading about Anita and of all the men in her life. she makes me laugh and cry, she makes me say never give up on people she loves and never let the bad people bring her down. Thank you laurel and I hope you keep Anita alive for a very long time.

  26. Tabatha Lovell says:

    I am a HUGE fan of LKH with The Anita Blake series being my absolute favorite! IDC what anyone says, this story is very well written and very well executed! I am so in to this series that I find myself, sometimes, just wondering what Anita could possibly be up to right now, or what Jean Claude is doing… Yes I realize it’s a work of fiction, but hey, a girls gotta dream, right?
    I cannot wait to read more about Anita’s crazy wonderful life and see what will happen next. I do so wish there was a tv show or movie based around it, I’d be the number one fan, but I do admit the thought of it also scares me at the same time. Just for fear of what they may do with this wonderful story. Love the book series, love Hamilton and her genius imagination and look forward to much more….xoxoTabatha

  27. C Swan says:

    I too greatly enjoy the Anita Blake series and have been hooked since book 2, very impatient waiting for the next chapter in Anita’s life and adventures. However, I became a fan on the basis of the excellent writing for the plot and mystery of the supernatural world. The first several books stayed true to that premise and added more and more avid fans as the series progressed. The reader base grew exponentially and we were all hooked. Then…… a) the sex started taking over, b) didn’t care for Bullet or Flirt because it was just sex, c) Anita gets 1/2 of her power from sex. I have paraphrased some of the comments from above. Fans from the beginning became fans with a storyline that did not depend on sex and scene after scene after scene taking over. It seemed there became little storyline but just the need for Anita to feed the ardeur. I have no trouble with the sex at all and do not think of it as porn or dirty, but I do have trouble that it is now what defines Anita and has taken over- well everything it seems. I have no issue with Ms Hamilton’s desire to write erotica. She does it quite well with her Merry Gentry series, which I also enjoy very much. But that series and those characters were developed in that direction. You knew pretty much from the beginning that the sex would be a huge part of all the storyline(s). So why do I keep reading some may ask. Because as I said the first several books were not sexually dominant and I hope as each book is released that it is more story like the original that drew me and a legion of others to the character. Again to reference a previous comment: Affliction has more action and adventure compared to previous books and the slight veer in the road is welcome. And another commenter flat out said he/she did not read Bullet or Flirt because was just sex and there was no substance. Yes they also referenced they missed the introduction of a new character but that does not undermine any other statement made. It is impressive to able to write a book series that numbers somewhere around 22, I believe, and still have such a huge demand for more, more, more. Kudos to Ms Hamilton. But I would hope she would remember those of us who were fans from the beginning and gave her that foundation of success and satisfy her desire (and the fans that lean in that direction) for the more provocative story telling with Merry. Please return the majority of the Anita Blake story to the action and adventure that started it all.

  28. Charlan mathes says:

    After reading a few of these posts I needed to leave one of my own.. I own and have read all but 3 of these books and with a library of over 3000 books I have read a lot …as a series and characters who have evolved I love every book and have never felt cheated at the end ! The right amount of violence , sex , love and intrigue that so many other writers just can’t put to paper. As I wait for a new book I reread my favorites…

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