Nov. Audio Book Winner

We would like to congratulate Cindy Gentry from Racine, Wisconsin. Her name was randomly drawn out as our Nov. Audio Book winner. We sent Cindy a Burnt Offering audio book.

Our Nov question was “What quality of Merry’s would you most like to have yourself?” Cindy said that she admired Merry’s strength and determination. That was a quality that a lot of you had chosen.

Again, Congratulations, Cindy.

Posted by at 3:29:54 pm on December 5, 2012

3 Responses to Nov. Audio Book Winner

  1. Dear Laurell,

    When I first started reading Guilty Pleasures I pitied Anita at times. Such hard choices, and she really wasn’t self aware enough for her challenging life. Over the book series I have grown to respect Anita for knowing herself even when others doubt her. She may make mistakes but she knows who she is and she doesn’t apologize for the decisions she makes. Those decisions will be the best she could make at the time for her, her family and her moral code. Anita is someone I would want at my back and in my kitchen having a cup of coffee discussing her men she loves so much. Thank you Laurell, your books have enlightened and entertained me for years!,

  2. Please please please write the next m. Gentry book. Please dont leave us hanging! Ive been waiting 3 years! I love this series. The suspence is killing me. Please let us know when we can read the next amazing adventure. Its time to have fairy babies :)

  3. martha says:

    Please write a Meredith gentry story. Longing to hear more of her story, with her wonderful men and her babies. I have read many fairie books, but none touched me the way these did! Please, please continue this series!

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