They will hate you. Someone, somewhere, sometime, will hate you. It is going to happen at some point in your life, probably several times. You can’t be nice enough, or good enough, or scary enough, or bully enough, to prevent them from hating you.

Why will they hate you? So many reasons, here are just a few.

They may hate you for the color of your skin, your sexual orientation, that you’re prettier than they are, that you’re uglier than they are, more popular, less popular, your religion, your lack of religion, that you’re more successful than they are, that you’re less successful than they are, that you are a better athlete than they will ever be, that you’re a worse athlete than they are now, that you dropped a ball, you caught a ball, you ran a touchdown, you fumbled a touchdown, that you write better than they ever will, that you have a happy family & they don’t, that your married & they want to be, that you’re single & they want to be, you have kids, you don’t have kids, you have a bigger house than they do, better job, no job, a lot of money, very little money, your grammar doesn’t meet their standards, you’re taller, shorter, too loud, too soft spoken, getting more sex than they are . . . The list goes on forever.

Don’t let the hatred get you down, or stop you from doing what you need to do, just do it, be yourself, & let them hate you. They will hate you no matter what you do, just don’t let that hatred, that envy, that jealousy, do anything, but let you know you are you, & since the only thing you can be is yourself, let them hate you. Let them eat their own hearts out with envy. Let them choke themselves on their feelings of inadequacy that they project on you. Let their jealousy blind them to their own highest truth. Let their self-loathing use you as a substitute for themselves. Let their fear narrow their world & destroy their own possibility of happiness. Know that hate breeds only bitterness & failure in the end. Do not hate them back, because then they own you. Don’t give them any power in your life. Don’t try to understand them, because if you are doing what you are most meant to do, following your greatest & best path in your life, you will have no time to hate, you will be too busy living.

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