Rumors about the Merry Gentry Series

This blog is for the fans that have been worried whether the Merry Gentry series will continue. First, the answer is, yes, there will be more Merry books. I have begun work on the next one, actually, but it will not be out this year. The demise of the series and various other rumors have been greatly exaggerated, or just plain made up out of whole-cloth. Where do these rumors come from? There is a persistent rumor that my old publisher didn’t want more Merry Gentry books after “Divine Misdemeanors”; which isn’t true. Or, the sister rumor that I had a hard time finding another house to take the series; again not true. Why did the rumors even start?

Did the rumors start because I didn’t produce a Merry book in 2010? Well, guess what, I’m a lean, mean writing machine, but even I get tired. I was tired in 2010, and I was financially able to not do a second big book that year. I took time off to be with my husband and daughter, my friends, and those close to me. I took a bit of a break to play, because the all work, no play, was wearing me down.

Did it start because there isn’t going to be a Merry book in 2011? See previous paragraph. I was still taking a break and having the Merry Gentry series at my home publisher along with the Anita Blake series meant I had the luxury of not having to do two big books this year. Having time to breath, to play, to be with family, friends, to travel, see new things, refresh my muse and me. It almost wasn’t a luxury. I was burning myself out doing two books a year, will my publisher want me to get back on track with one Anita book and one Merry book a year? Yes, but it’s still an easier schedule, and after ten years of two books a year, easier sounded good.

Apparently, if I take a break, any time to myself, then the rumor mills grind to make up stuff. No one that knows anything for real about my publishing schedule, or contracts, is spreading any rumors. They know the truth, so they don’t have to make stuff up.

That’s the truth folks, and anyone who tells you differently, doesn’t know what they’re talking about.


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