The Woods Were Lovely, Dark and Deep . . . 

I’ve gone from 80s & a warm Caribbean Sea to below freezing and snow, from tropics, to the buckle of the Bible Belt, to the East coast, back to the Bible Belt, to upper west coast, all within two weeks. … Continue reading

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Down the Rabbit Hole and into the Maze:

The White Rabbit from The Nursery Alice by John Tenniel, Held and digitised by the British Library, and uploaded to Flickr Commons. A higher resolution version may be available for purchase from BL Images Online,, reference 065443 I fell … Continue reading

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A Tropical Blog

Things I have learned by being this long in the tropics: That it is possible to tan through SPF 100 sunscreen and if you don’t reapply regularly, it’s possible to burn through it. Getting wet in the ocean means you … Continue reading

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